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Practically a century after its founder began designing autos,Porsche is actually still going tough which is actually the outcome of a premier treatmentfor an angst just like Harley – Davidson.

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"Cheap" becomes the only "lens" through which they look at auto insurance policies. This might sound like an obvious and accurate approach but it could be a huge error. Buying an Car Insurance policy, like most policies, is the kind of spending that people like to avoid, especially because of its recurring nature. Insurance is said to be an investment that repays itself incase of a mishap. In most cases, as it is observed, such accidents never happen. This leaves people with a feeling that their money is spent on an imaginary unpleasant incident that hardly ever, and in their own case, never, takes place.


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S. auto insurance policies only provide coverage in the United States and Canada. Before you head out of the country, check with your insurance agent to confirm whether or not your current policy applies overseas. If you're heading to Mexico, for example, your insurance company may offer short term coverage through a partner agency. It's also worth checking with your credit card company to see if your card includes overseas car rental coverage. Keep in mind that coverage may be limited to certain foreign countries, restricted to a collision damage waiver, and exclude exotic cars like a Ferrari. It's always best to check first before an accident happens!AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FACTSALL 50 STATES REQUIRE DRIVERS TO CARRY CAR INSURANCESPEED LIMIT3X16 19 year old drivers are 3 TIMES more likely to have speeding violations. 17. 9 YEARSOn average a driver will have an accident claim once every 17. 9 years. PIPMedical Payments or Personal Injury Protection PIPThis coverage pays for the treatment of injuries to the driver and passengers of they policyholder's car.