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If you are driving an older, low value car, then comprehensive is probably a waste of money. In many cases, the cost of the premiums will exceed the value of the car. Comprehensive insurance covers you in the event that your car is damaged from incidents other than an accident. An example would be flooding or a fire that destroyed the vehicle. This type of coverage is required if your vehicle has a loan against it. The bank or finance company will require you to carry full coverage.

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Erie also grabs the top spot in a national survey of customers' car insurance shopping experiences, with its local agents receiving above average marks. In one owner survey, it gets very good ratings for claims processing, price and service satisfaction although some say it is pricier than other options. Erie offers some other impressive benefits that most other insurers charge extra for, such as transportation expenses after an accident, travel costs, personal property and locksmith services. In addition, Erie waives your deductible if you are in an accident with another Erie policy holder. However, the big drawback to Erie Insurance is that it only offers coverage in 11 states, mostly the mid Atlantic and Midwest. Some of the highest rated car insurance companies also tend to be pricier than others.


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