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Additionally, the large insurance companies are able to leverage their resources to offer drivers lower insurance rates. Another consideration when choosing between a large and small auto insurance company is availability, coverage options and discounts. While you’re likely to have a better experience with a small insurance company, it may not have the availability, benefits and discounts that large insurance companies do. For example, the major insurance companies in the U. S. often have representatives that are available 24/7. Additionally, small insurance companies don’t typically offer the long list of discounts and coverage options that national insurers, like Allstate and State Farm, offer. If around the clock availability or having discounts and coverage options are important to you, consider a large insurance company. An auto insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company sometimes a local insurance company, sometimes nationwide. In exchange for paying a premium, the car insurance company promises to pay for specific car related financial losses within the selected coverage limits that you may have during the term of the agreement. Basically, if you get in an accident, car insurance protects you from financial hardships that could result from damages, injuries, or lawsuits from other drivers.