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Issue Usage Based Insurance UBI is a type of auto insurance that tracks mileage and driving behaviors. UBI is often powered by in vehicle telecommunication devices telematics technology that is available in a vehicle that is self installed using a plug in device or already integrated in original equipment installed by car manufactures. It can also be available through mobile applications. The basic idea of UBI is that a driver's behavior is monitored directly while the person drives, allowing insurers to more closely align driving behaviors with premium rates. Telematics devices measure a number of elements of interest to underwriters: miles driven; time of day; where the vehicle is driven Global Positioning System or GPS; rapid acceleration; hard braking; hard cornering; and air bag deployment. The level of data collected generally reflects the type of telematics technology employed and the policyholders' willingness to share personal data. The insurance company then assesses the data and charges insurance premiums accordingly. For example, a driver who drives long distance at high speed will be charged a higher rate than a driver who drives short distances at slower speeds. With UBI, premiums are collected using a variety of methods, including utilizing the gas pump, debit accounts, direct billing and smart card systems. The first UBI programs began to surface in the U. S.


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