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AAADrive Auto Insurance Discount is not available in all states.

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If you do not currently have car insurance. If you don't own a car, you may not have car insurance. In this case, it may be a good idea to consider coverage from the car rental company. If you are driving overseas. Most U. S.


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so thanks. secondly the points of view with all the different comments are interesting, personally i do like the canadian health care system, i like being able to go into a hospital with a broken arm and not have to pay cash for it at all. However, the waits are very long. In the er they should at least give pain killers to the people that need them a lot sooner. I was waiting in the er, with both bones in my arm broken and just about sticking out of the skin. They wouldn't give me pain killers for 3 hours of waiting there. Painful experience that took about 8 hours just to get x rays. got moved to a different room instead of the waiting room so i could fall asleep with my arm at least in a sling. So the wait is terrible but at least i didn't need to come up with money for x rays and the cast and doctor costs and the costs of the drug to put me under. I dont know, its my opinion that the wait is most of the time better then the big costs. In school this past week we had to watch sicko and it really bashed the American health care system.