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At any rate, with higher deductibles, I pay less in premiums, which I can put towards my savings instead. 6. Maintain a good driving record. Getting into an accident is one of the most obvious ways to drive up your car insurance rates. But an alarming number of drivers continue to drive dangerously, increasing their odds of being involved in a collision ten fold. While drunk driving is a classic example of a dangerous practice that results in avoidable accidents, an even larger proportion of U.

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If you’re seriously injured and have to take time off work, $10,000 of PIP probably won’t cover all the losses you incur from medical bills and lost wages. Likewise, you might have caused more than $10,000 worth of damage to the other car — a problem if you only had Florida’s minimum PD coverage. And importantly, if the other driver sues you for medical bills beyond what his own PIP covers, you’ll have to pay those out of pocket unless you had bodily injury BI liability coverage, which isn’t required in Florida. Let’s say you weren’t the one at fault — there are still risks to carrying only Florida’s minimums. If your damages are more than your $10,000 PIP covers, there’s no guarantee the other driver will have liability insurance to make up the rest—or any auto insurance at all. In a situation like that, having uninsured motorist UM coverage on your policy would take the place of the other driver’s missing coverage, paying for your additional medical costs and the damage to your vehicle.


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The medical services as a whole negotiate with pharmaceutical companies so our prescription costs are much lower. I admit to a biased view because our system has saved the lives of two family members. Just ask any Canadian politician what would happen if he or she were to advocate privatization of our medical services. Their political careers would suffer!I only know of one in Alberta, Ralph Klein, who suggested that and the matter was dropped in short order. THE PROS:The above information is mainly about British Columbia, because that is where I live. Each province approaches basic health care a little differently, but health care insurance is reciprocal between all the provinces except for Quebec.