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” “Distracted driving was always there, but it just intensified as more applications for the smartphones became available,” said Bill Caldwell, executive vice president of property and casualty at Horace Mann Insurance, to the Wall Street Journal recently. The insurer plans on hiking auto insurance premiums an average of 8% this year on top of a 6. 5% hike last year. Young people appear to be disproportionately responsible for fatal road crashes involving a distracted driver—i. e. someone who might have been texting, scrolling through Snapchat messages, or using a navigation system. “Young drivers age 16 to 24 have been observed manipulating electronic devices at higher rates than older drivers,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA reports, noting that 10% of drivers ages 15 to 19 involved in fatal crashes were distracted behind the wheel. To be sure, distracted driving isn’t the only reason rates are rising. The combination of cheap gas and an improving economy has resulted in more cars on the road, and more congestion is directly correlated to more accidents. What’s more, the aftermath of the average accident has grown increasingly more expensive as well. Modern cars are packed with more high tech features than their predecessors, so it costs more to repair them.


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You can also purchase insurance if the other driver does not have insurance or is under insured. Most if not all states require drivers to carry mandatory liability insurance coverage to ensure that their drivers can cover the cost of damage to other people or property in the event of an accident. Some states, such as Wisconsin, have more flexible "proof of financial responsibility" requirements. An example of property damage is where an insured driver or 1st party drives into a telephone pole and damages the pole; liability coverage pays for the damage to the pole. In this example, the drivers insured may also become liable for other expenses related to damaging the telephone pole, such as loss of service claims by the telephone company, depending on the jurisdiction. An example of bodily injury is where an insured driver causes bodily harm to a third party and the insured driver is deemed responsible for the injuries.